1. Corona

Q: Where can I get tested?

A: We will contact a testing station nearby and keep you informed about the results. Where you can get tested in Berlin and which test station is close to your accommodation you can check out here: https://test-to-go.berlin/

Q: Does the test have to be done in the morning before the games?

A: No. The result of a quick test is valid for 24 hours. That means you can also do the test in the late afternoon of the day before.

Q: Do I get my money back if I test positive and cannot participate?

A: No. The money will have been spent a long time ago. And we will have done everything possible to exclude an infection during the tournament.

Q: In addition to the vaccination/testing requirement, are there any distance rules or mask requirements on site?

A: Currently, there are no plans to make masks mandatory. However, we still advise to not form large group cuddling heaps. Concerning the regulations that apply to the tournament, we are bound to the official regulations of the LSB Berlin that are valid on the tournament date, which you can always view here: https://lsb-berlin.net/aktuelles/coronavirus-lage/corona-faq/

However, we reserve the right to implement stricter regulations. If we become 1000 athletes, we do not want to take disproportionate risks.

Q: Are people with a negative rapid test treated differently than those who have been vaccinated/recently recovered from Covid?

A: No. But it requires more effort from you to do the rapid tests and show us their results.

2. Corona for international guests

Q: Will we be allowed to enter Germany?

You can find the current regulations here: https://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/en/coronavirus/2317268

or here:


Participation in our tournament is probably not considered a urgent reason for entry. However, full vaccination protection will be beneficial to get the right to entry from other countries.

You can check if your country is classified as a high incidence or virus variant area at the bottom of this PDF:


If it is you might have to go in quarantine. How long this would be and under which circumstances you can end it faster you’ll find here:


Q: Do we accept vaccination certificates other than the EU vaccination card?

A: Yes. We also accept digital or paper-based proof of vaccination from Canada, the USA, etc. We think it’s great that you are helping to prevent the spread of the virus by being willing to be vaccinated.

3. Registration form

Q: What happens with the data of the players and visitors?

A: The data is stored on a German server (operated by the Humboldt University of Berlin). The contact data is only used for contact tracing (Corona-related). The data will be deleted after the legal retention period has expired 4 weeks after the tournament.

4. turniere.jugger.org

Q: What is the difference between the registered and reserved team status?

A: When you register your team on tournament.jugger.org, you will first be in the reservations list. Only when you have transferred the fee in time, your team will be placed in the registrations list. Only if your team has the status registered, you can play in the tournament.

F: We have received our money back and are not coming, but are still on the reservation list. Do we have to act?

A: If you already know you are not attending the tournament, feel free to inform us again and we will remove you from the list. This will help us and other teams with planning. However, we will remove all teams after 31.7.21 that have not yet paid from all lists, anyway.

Q: Have we already paid?

A: If your team is on the registrations list we have got at least the base fee. If your team is in the reservations list, we don’t.

X. Other

Q: Are there any restrictions regarding drinking containers?

A: Yes. Glass bottles are prohibited. Glasses as well. Glas in general. Nobody wants to knee in some shards.

Q: Will there be a social program on the occasion of WCC2020+?

A: Currently, a planning team for events outside of the tournament has not been formed. With the uncertainty of what will be possible then, we have used our resources elsewhere so far. Specifically, there will be no jugger confabulatio.

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